Trade Partnerships

Business partners.

Trade Partnerships

The general trading company business model rests on two axes :-

  • Trading and
  • Business Investment
  • We have exclusive rights to engage intrade with various organizations and financial institutions within East Africa, Europe, South America and Asia.
  • This proves the vast product portfolio that we run and manage. This has immensely increased our global presence.

Why you are making the right choice to Choose Us


We ensure that only the best products make their way from the factory all the way to the store shelf.

We are popular for providing value from our experienced general trading employees.

We’ve been in this business for close to 2 decades now helping others like you.

For our clients we give excellent payment terms for our products.

We also advice our business partners with the best trading information to move their businesses ahead towards successs and ensure timely delivery of the products/ services.

Our financial liquidity guarantees quick turnover of products and also ensure payments are made in time.

Partnership Cities and Products.